About Mark Treager

Who Is Mark Treager?

Mark TreagerFor the last 35+ years, I have been labeled as a maverick right from the start of my professional sales and marketing career because I have this habit of refusing to accept the marketing “status quo”.  My entire career has stirred the pot, questioning “WHY”, tipping over the sacred cows, and I have a real passion for finding unique uses of today’s modern technology to get a client’s voice into the minds of potential customers.

Over the years I have a very simple, logical, diverse, and down-to-earth approach to marketing that will challenge your thinking WAY “beyond the box” in creating generational customers for your brand.  Since I am a professional cow tipper many people often wonder what that means. Simply put I have a bad habit of tipping over a person’s sacred cows to challenge them to grow and expand their thinking to the next level. 

In my spare time, I have a true obsession with the outdoors.  I have tried for years to shake with therapy and meds but to no avail. As a professional fly fisherman and avid hunter, I have discovered that wildlife does not live in ugly places.  Since my early years in Boy Scouting, I have had a passion for conservation to ensure that the next 25+ generations can experience the sort of things I have outdoors. I love it so much that many of my clients are in the outdoor space.