Are You Nice Or Are You Kind?

by | June 28, 2022

We can define often times define a person by how nice a person is. We are drawn to these people because they are easy to get to know and easy to get along with. So are you nice or kind to other people?

Let me explain what I mean. In life we see it so much easier to be nice to someone and just nod at their comments, laugh at their jokes or go along with them even if you disagree. I suggest we practice being kind to people. When you are kind you will speak your mind, express your true feelings and let them know how you are feeling.

Now I am not telling you to be rude but I want people in my life that will tell me that my fly is open versus saying nothing and letting me keep embarrassing myself. Are you embarrassed when they point it out? Yes! But it lets me know they care enough to say something.

Are we kind to our friends and family by saying something in a nurturing and loving way that will make them better or just letting it go by saying nothing? Personally be kind to me in a nurturing way so I can keep growing to my full potential. Next time you have a choice to be nice or kind I hope you will be kind. You might be surprised at the result!


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