Are You A Boss Or A Leader?

by | June 14, 2022

Stop right now and focus! Are you a boss, or are you a leader?

I bet you are thinking that they are the same, then you definitely will want to keep reading!

What would happen to our business if you were more than a boss to the people you manage and coach? You know, the person that could be more than just makes all the rules and signs all the paychecks. And I get it. It’s easy to assume that being “in charge” is all it takes to be a leader. If only it were that simple, right?

The truth is, effective leadership isn’t about authority at all. It is about choosing to care about the person to the right and left of you no matter your position in the company. This is what a leader is. Leadership is a choice, not a rank! Better yet, you can start being a leader immediately, regardless of your job title or position.

Three ways to do it are by:

  • Crushing it in your current job
  • Serving others and solving problems
  • Asking great questions

And the best part? The more you do those things, the more your influence as a leader grows to shape the direction of your group, department, team, or even your company.



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