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Do You Trust Your Intuition When Making Tough Decisions?

by | June 23, 2022

We all like to say I trusted my intuition or my gut when it comes to making a decision that turns out right. When that same decision goes wrong did you just not listen or was there something else that influenced your decision?  Often times it is you got influenced into making a decision that wasn’t your first “gut” reaction to the process.  More times than not that first gut reaction is what you need to listen to for most of us.

Intuition is frequently dismissed as mystical or unreliable by friends, family, and in the workplace. In reality, it’s one of the most powerful decision-making tools at your disposal. Read the full article: “How to Stop Overthinking and Start Trusting Your Gut.” Here are a few ways to learn to go with your gut summarized from the article:

  • Distinguish your gut feeling from fear. Ask yourself: Am I tempted to make this decision to avoid a threat, rejection, or punishment? Remember FEAR is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real. Or do I feel excited, at ease, and content with the choice at hand?
  • Practice. Find small ways to make quick, decisive actions. Raise your hand and speak up in a meeting without censoring yourself. Choose an outfit that calls to you without weighing too many variables. By starting small, you mitigate feelings of overwhelm and can gradually step your way up to larger, higher-pressure decisions with greater self-trust.
  • Try the snap judgment test. On a piece of paper, write a question you’re struggling with, such as, “Will accepting the promotion make me happy?” Then write “yes or no” below the question and walk away. After a few hours, or the next morning, come back to the paper and immediately circle the answer that feels right to you.
  • Fall back on your values. The next time you find yourself unable to make a decision, ask yourself, “Which action brings me closer to my core values?” You can avoid mental loops by aligning your choices with what most matters to you.

Over time you will learn to trust your gut to create a more fulfilled life of decisions that improve your quality of life in the short and long term.


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